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Turkey Creeks Georgia Mud Fudge Red--"Georgia"


Georgia is a gorgeous 55 pound red female. Her sire is Turkey Creeks Dunn Fowled Out (1.5 X GMPR Elcanan Jumpin’ Jake SH X GMPR Bearpoints Sage Well Dunn). Her dam is Turkey Creeks One Hot Pointdoc (Helms Signature Point Doctor (Point Doctor Son) X Helms Signature Starr). Georgia is full of drive and point! She is an incredible hunter with never ending stamina, yet is our quiet collected house dog at night. She loves to chase pheasant and grouse on the prairie, and finds shed antlers and tree squirrels for our boys in the Black Hills. She sleeps with our 14 year old at night. She is like her mom and dad as she reminds us of our wood burning stove, red hot flames when we need heat and quiet and cool when we don’t! Beautiful red color and the queen of our castle!! EIC Clear.

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